What up pussies? The grandmaster of hardcore gay rap is back! Got a problem wit dat? Don't worry bitch, I'll beat you then I'll rape you. I been down for 35 years, so while you been flying in your bitch ass planes and drivin around in your sissy ass limos, I been taking care of the real biz. So watch yo back mutha fuckahs, cuz I am irate, full of hate, released by the state, and ready to mate.....

Listen, watch , Learn and be afraid.

Track 1: My dick yo mouth
Track 2: All Up in ya ass
Track 3: Balls slappin balls
Track 4: Tossin my Salad
Track 5: Taste dat cock
Track 6: Shit on mah dick
Track 7: San Quentin rim job
Track 8: Drankin jizz
Track 9: Up and Out ( your azz cheeks bitch)
Track 10: Who let the logs out?
Track 11: You cant scream (Wit mah Dick in your throat)
Track 12: Keep ya asshole tight (wanna feel da pinch)
Track 13. chokin on a fuck stick
Track 14: Squeeze yo buns hard son (or I'll shank you again)
Track 15: Fuck ya butt so deep (ya gonna taste it in your mouth)
Track 16: Lickin on balls
Track 17: Ya butt is mah pussy
Track 18: East side west side (I just want your backside)
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Old YT's new album release date!

23 days cunts get ready for ya assholes to blow up! This album gonna fuck ya craphole so hard you gonna taste it in ya mouth bitch mother fucker!

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Jan 18 '14
Im'a looking for some man action, who gonna be my bitch?
It aint rape son' it's surprise sex!


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